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   □ Ma Longlong

Director of Research Team

   □ Wang Chenguan

Deputy Director

   □ Liu Qiying

   □ Xu Ying

   □ Zhang Qi

      Zhang Xinghua 



   □ Liu Jianguo   

   □ Li Yuping 

   □ Chen Lungang

   □ Lv Wei

   □ Yan Long

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Wang Chenguan

Professor / PhDsupervisior 




Major Research Direction :



Major working experiences :

            2013.9 - present  Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Science.

                                        Biomass Catalysis Rearch Team, Director, Professor.

           2010.8 - 2013.8   Colorado School of Mines. Biomass Catalysis Rearch, Postdoctoral.

           2009.7 - 2010.8   University of Minnesota.  Biomass Catalysis Rearch, Postdoctoral.


Major paper :

1) Ga3+-stabilized Pt in PtSn-Mg (Ga)(Al) O catalyst for promoting ethane dehydrogenation. Q Zhang, K Zhang, S Zhang, Q Liu, L Chen, X Li, C Wang*, L Ma. Journal of catalysis 368, 79-88, 20183

2) Effect of hierarchical ZSM-5 zeolite support on direct transformation from syngas to aromatics over the iron-based catalyst.

C Wen, C Wang*, L Chen, X Zhang, Q Liu, L Ma, Fuel 244, 2019, 492-498

3)Mechanism study of aromatics production from furans with methanol over zeolite catalysts. C Wang, Z Si, X Wu, W Lv, K Bi, X Zhang, L Chen, Y Xu, Q Zhang, L Ma. Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis, 2019

4) Direct conversion of simulated propene-rich bio-syngas to liquid iso-hydrocarbons via FT-oligomerization integrated catalytic process. Q Zhang, T Wang, Y Weng, H Zhang, T Vitidsant, Y Li, Q Zhang, R Xiao, Chenguang Wang*, Longlong Ma. Energy Conversion and Management 171,1, 2018, 211-221

5) Degradation of Vanillin During Lignin Valorization Under Alkaline Oxidation. Y Zhu, J Liu, Y Liao, W Lv, L Ma, C Wang*. Topics in Current Chemistry 376 (4), 29,2018

6) Fischer-Tropsch synthesis to light olefins over iron-based catalysts supported on KMnO4modified activated carbon by a facile method. Z Tian, C Wang*, Z Si, L Ma, L Chen, Q Liu, Q Zhang, H Huang. Applied catalysis A: general 541, 14, 2017, 50-59

7) Model-predicted effects of fuel droplet diameter and O2addition in strained, opposed-flow, non-premixed, multicomponent, hydrocarbon flames. C Wang, AM Dean, H Zhu, RJ Kee. Combustion and Flame 161 (8),2,2014, 1998-2007

8) Effect of a potassium promoter on the Fischer–Tropsch synthesis of light olefins over iron carbide catalysts encapsulated in graphene-like carbon. Catalysis Science & Technology, Catal. Sci. Technol., 2019,9, 2728-2741

9) In situ synthesis of biomass-derived Ni/C catalyst by self-reduction for the hydrogenation of levulinic acid to γ-valerolactone.Journal of Energy Chemistry, 37,2019(10),204-214

10) The effects of multicomponent fuel droplet evaporation on the kinetics of strained opposed-flow diffusion flames。C Wang, AM Dean, H Zhu, RJ Kee. Combustion and Flame 160 (2), 265-275

11) Synergistic Effect of EtOAc/H2O Biphasic Solvent and Ru/C Catalyst for Cornstalk Hydrolysis Residue Depolymerization. W Lv, Z Si, Z Tian, C Wang*, Q Zhang, Y Xu, T Wang, L Ma. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 5 (4), 2981-2993

12) An overview on catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of pyrolysis oil and its model compounds. Z Si, X Zhang, C Wang*, L Ma, R Dong. Catalysts 7 (6), 169


Major paten :

1)王晨光;田志鹏;马隆龙;陈伦刚;刘琪英;张兴华;张琦;一种二氧化碳加氢制低碳烯烃催化剂及其制备方法与应用,中国;CN201810541250.4     2018.10.09         

2)王晨光;朱妤婷;马隆龙;吕微;张琦;一种水相氧化生物质制备单酚、小分子有机酸和高纯度纤维素的方法,中国;CN102018000090155        2018.06.15         

3)王晨光;张浅;马隆龙;仇松柏;李宇萍;陈伦刚;  一种用于费托-齐聚耦合反应的Fe基-分子筛催化剂及其制备方法和应用,中国         CN102018000023373  2018.05.29         

4)王晨光;张浅;马隆龙;李宇萍;徐莹;张兴华;一种费托-齐聚耦合催化转化富烯烃合成气制备液体烃类的方法,中国;CN102018000023906  2018.07.10         

5)王晨光;田志鹏;马隆龙;陈伦刚;徐莹;张兴华;一种用于合成气制低碳烯烃的催化剂及其应用,中国,CN102017001087127         2018.04.20         

6)王晨光;马隆龙;陈领鹏;吕微;王铁军;张琦;徐莹;一种用于低碳烷烃脱氢制乙烯和丙烯的催化剂、其制备方法及其应用, 中国;CN102016000613910  2017.01.04         

8)王晨光;吴景程;张兴华;陈强;徐莹;刘琪英;张琦;马隆龙  一种PtNi/C双金属催化剂及其制备方法,中国;CN201811088306.1         2019.01.18


8)王晨光;文承彦;马隆龙;一种用于合成气直接生产芳烃的核壳铁基催化剂及其制备方法和应用,中国,CN201811607610.2   2018.12.17        

9)王晨光;崔志冰;陈伦刚;马隆龙;张琦;张兴华;一种生物质碳基材料高负载纳米金属催化剂及其制备方法与应用,中国,CN201811313178.6     2019.02.22         

10)王晨光;文承彦;马隆龙;一种用于低氢碳比合成气一步法制芳烃的铁基催化剂及其制备方法和应用,中国,CN201811607599.X         2018.12.17